I Thank God For You – TWC Daily Devotional – Tuesday 18 August 2015


“I thank God for you!” – a phrase that is not often said or heard. With the short timelines, rushed deadlines, high expectations, poor health and mental state, we are so often in such a mad rush we forget to be nice, we forget to be thankful and we forget to appreciate each other. Of all people, Christians should be the most loving and caring because we know and we have in us the unconditional love of God. Yet, this is not always the case. I have heard enough people complain about how some Christians they have met are the nastiest people around, that they are worst than unbelievers! What a shame! What an embarrassment we can be to our Lord! Yet, knowingly or unknowingly, at one point or another, we exhibit such ungodliness and ugly conduct. We really need God’s grace every moment of our lives, don’t we. It takes effort, conscious, intentional effort to emit the fragrance of Christ through our lives. We need to push ourselves a little and work hard at showing appreciation for people, to say, ‘I thank God for you!’. Whether that person is a colleague or superior, a sibling or your mother-in-law, a fellow church member or your pastor, we need to learn to be thankful for them, even for the worst amongst them. Most, if not all, of us do not see our own shortcomings and failures but we love to walk around with a big pair of magnifying glass to scrutinize and escalate the faults of other people. What we need instead is to remove the log in our own eyes before attempting to remove the speck in our brother’s or sister’s eyes. We need to be gracious to others if we want others to be gracious to us. We also need to be careful about frequent jesting for it can become offensive in the name of fun. It may be fun to you and me, but not fun to the “victims”. So as you walk with the Lord today, as you are blessed by the Lord and filled with His joy, share it with someone, show appreciation and tell someone, ‘I thank God for you!’ Have a great day!

Barnabas Chong

Today’s Bible Text: “I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus.” (1Cor.1:4)

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Today’s Recommended Video: Thank You (Ray Boltz) …..


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