Snapshots of Jesus Part 18: He Preached With Authority and Power – TWC Daily Devotional – Sunday 4 October 2015

Today’s Recommended Video: All The Power of Jesus’ Name (Paul Baloche) ……

jesus by the lake

Today’s snapshot of Jesus shows Him teaching by the lake. A huge crowd had gathered to listen to what He had to say. The two key reasons why great numbers of people gathered round to hear Jesus preach was first, He taught with authority; and second, He healed the sick and drove out demons. They were fascinated with this because up until the appearance of Jesus on the scene, they had only heard teaching that had at best some degree of human intelligence and insight, but the teaching was not accompanied by healing and deliverance. Wouldn’t it be great if people are drawn to the teaching of God’s Word the same way today? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see large numbers of people come to our church to hear God’s Word because it is preached with authority and accompanied by healing and deliverance? Many pulpits today lack both of these elements together. What we have is often either good insightful teaching without the accompaniment of healing and deliverance OR shallow teaching with accompaniment of some healing and deliverance. We need BOTH solid teaching with authority AND the signs of healing and deliverance. The church needs to begin to pray and call upon the Lord unceasingly to pour out His Spirit on us so that our pulpits would come to life, that the preaching of the Word is accompanied by signs and wonders. Jesus prayed daily and often prayed through the night or from early in the morning. The Christians in the early church gathered together to pray daily and there were many signs and wonders that accompanied their preaching too. What about the church today? We have far more education – both theological and secular, far more money and far better technology, yet we pray far less, see far fewer healing and deliverance take place, far fewer people coming to church and far fewer people get saved. Most Sundays, pastors and preachers preach to the converted because few non-believers are drawn to what the church has to say, so they don’t come to church. Few non-believers are drawn also to what Christians have to say on a daily basis in the marketplace and in social circles. In fact, the percentage of Christians who are daily committed to share Christ in the marketplace and in social circles is a small one. The church needs to want to do what is right – we need to invest far more time in prayer and intercession if we want to see the authority and the power of God manifested in our church services. More programmes and activities won’t cut it!  Lord Jesus, help Your church today!

Barnabas Chong

Today’s Bible Text: Again Jesus began to teach by the lake. The crowd that gathered round him was so large that he got into a boat and sat in it out on the lake, while all the people were along the shore at the water’s edge. (Mk.4:1)

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