God Blesses the Righteous – TWC Daily Devotional – Wednesday 25 November 2015

Today’s Recommended Video: Lord I Live By Your Word (Kent Henry) ………

God is the God of righteousness – He delights in those who are righteous – He rewards the righteous and He detests the unrighteous and will eventually punish them. Jesus said that when we hunger and thirst for righteousness, He will bless us and fill us (Mt.5:6). So if anyone wants a truly satisfying and fulfilling life, he or she should hunger and thirst for righteousness, which is basically to desire to do and say what is right in the eyes of God. There are things that seem right in the eyes of the world but not right in the eyes of God, believers need to always choose what is right to God. And of course there are things that are right in both God’s eyes and also in the eyes of the world. For instance, I can’t say that God has called me to regularly visit a pub to reach the people in the pub for the Lord, and then become so intoxicated with the pub environment and the alcohol that I end up behaving like the people there – drink like them and under the influence of alcohol, get involved in brawls like they do. If I get arrested for accidentally killing someone in a fight, I can’t say that I was there originally with good intentions and therefore the legal system should let me off the hook. A crime is a crime. The law of the land is in agreement with God’s law for us. The end does not justify the means. If God has indeed called me to minister to people in a pub, I have to do it right. Every step of the way must be a step in the path of righteousness. Then the righteous God will bless the work because I maintain righteousness. I must not only start right, I must finish right. As you walk with the Lord today, remember that God’s desire for us is that we desire and seek after righteousness, to hunger and thirst for it. And as we do so, He will fill us and satisfy us. That is true blessing! Have a great day! 

Today’s Bible Text: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” (Mt.5:6)

Barnabas Chong



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