Loving the Unlovable – TWC Daily Devotional – Saturday 19 December 2015

Loving the Unlovable – TWC Daily Devotional – Saturday 19 December 2015

Do you love the unlovable? Do we at least try to love them? If we are honest with ourselves, most of us, myself included, find it very difficult to love the unlovable. It is hard to be patient with them, to listen to them talk, to help them with their problems, to be their friend, to care about them, etc. It is is really tough, and that’s why we call them unlovable! They are just hard to love – and often times we say it is their fault – because they annoy us, they say things we don’t like to hear, they do things to us that we hate, etc. And you know what, we are probably right most of the time! So what do we do? What would Jesus do? According to the Bible, Jesus demonstrated unconditional love for the unlovable – i.e. you and me! There is little to love about us – we lied, we did wrong things, we hurt people, we sinned against God when no one else was watching, we deceived people, we told half truths, the list goes on and on. We were unlovable, and probably still are from time to time, yet Jesus came on that first Christmas – to live and eventually to die for our sins. He loved the unlovable. He gave us what we did not deserve. That’s grace. He withheld from us the punishment we deserve. That’s mercy. And it was on that first Christmas that God’s “save the sinners” plan began to materialize. It was God’s appointed time, it was the day that changed history! And so as we approach Christmas this year, let’s be thankful to God and extend His love to the unlovable in our lives. Do something nice for someone you don’t like, surprise them and make them smile this Christmas. Have a great day! 

Today’s Bible Text: “8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Rom.5:8)

Today’s Recommended Video: We Are The Reason (Avalon) 


Barnabas Chong


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