Day 336

by Rev Joel Yong

2 Peter 1:16
For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

I love this verse. It teaches about a key aspect of Christianity.

It’s not a faith based on our ancestor’s beliefs. Neither is it a faith based on cultural heritage. Nope. It’s a faith based on an individual’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

An eyewitness experience. A person becomes a believer after a firsthand experience.

Saul saw a vision on his Damascus journey.

Moses saw a burning bush.

The criminal on the Cross saw Jesus up close.

David built his faith upon encounters with lions and bears whilst as a shepherd boy.

Zacchaeus came down a tree, went to dinner and was changed forevermore.

Come close and witness Jesus working in your life … It will give you a faith to walk through parted seas, to hope even when death is around the corner, to slay gigantic obstacles, to have scales fall off your eyes and even to make amends for past mistakes , like all of the above..