Day 355

by Rev Joel Yong

Revelation of John 4:11
“Our Lord and God, you deserve to receive glory, honor, and power because you created everything. Everything came into existence and was created because of your will.”

Without God, nothing exists. Not even the angels.

That makes it unacceptable that Lucifer would think of usurping God’s throne.
He acted with ingratitude and showed no honor or respect for God as the Creator and King. Hence he was cast down for his rebellion.

That also makes it unacceptable for humankind to rebel against God’s laws. We live amidst all that God has made. We are sustained by the air, plants, animals as food, all that God has made. We ourselves as a species and as individuals do not exist unless God allowed us to.

It leaves us with no response other than to glorify Him.
Every other response of complaint and doubt is ingratitude, is sin, is a rebellion.

But because He made us and gave us what we have today, we can trust Him. That surely He knows what is best and can provide what is the best response to every single one of our prayers.

Sometimes it won’t turn out like what we imagined but He has a plan, and we can believe that. It’s not stupidity to believe in something like that. It’s an understanding of who He is to us. That understanding fuels our belief.