Finishing Well

by Rev Jason Phua

Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles 24:1-25:28; Proverbs 20:8-10

READ (Verses chosen for reflection)
2 Chronicles 24:17-18 “Now after the death of Jehoiada the princes of Judah came and paid homage to the king. Then the king listened to them. And they abandoned the house of the LORD, the God of their fathers, and served the Asherim and the idols. And wrath came upon Judah and Jerusalem for this guilt of theirs.”

When the priest Jehoiada was alive, King Joash did what was pleasing in the sight of God. When Jehoiada passed on to glory, Joash turned to the evil influences of the princes of Judah and started to worship idols. What happened? One would think that the many years of Jehoiada’s mentorship and guidance would give Joash a good foundation for godly rule. Yet, this didn’t turn out to be so. Despite knowing the joy of pleasing the Lord; Joash made the choice of turning to evil. As a result, Joash was assassinated and was refused a burial in the tomb of the kings.

When we came to know the Lord Jesus; many of us might behave like Joash in the early part of his reign. We might be full of passion and conviction to do His will. Yet, as we journey on in the faith, our commitment wax and wane. The Bible reading for today reminded me that while it is important to start off well in the faith; it is more important to finish well. Yet, how can we do so? There is simply no shortcut but to persevere in allowing the Spirit of God to work in our lives. This means a constant making of choice to nourish our soul with God’s Word, overcome evil with God’s empowerment and do what is pleasing in God’s sight.

Lord Jesus, may You help us to consistently make the right choice and finish well in this running of the race of the journey of faith. Amen.


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