Day 32

by Rev Joel Yong

Numbers 30:13-15 GW
“A husband decides whether or not his wife has to keep any vow to do something or any oath to do without something. If he says nothing to her about it day after day, this means he’s decided that she must keep her vow or oath. She must keep it because he said nothing to her when he heard about it. But if he cancels it later, he will suffer the consequences.”

This is one of multiple scenarios laid out in this chapter and seems to point out the significance of fathers and husbands in a household and their ability to free the women in the household of vows that would be otherwise binding.

Yet it hangs on the man being decisive and able to respond at the point of hearing. Else if he is undecided and later decides to act on the vow then he will be the one bearing the consequence.

It is good that each household is led well and led clearly. The heads of a household should be tasked to seek out the Lord’s guidance in their lives daily so that they may be able to lead their spouse and children well.

Imagine being told “Go … shoo … do your devotional time with God now … then you can proceed to work!”

It requires a decisive and wise head.
This instils confidence and promotes submission.
This isn’t easy to achieve.

Hence all the more important- the head needs to be godly and humble … seeking God daily.