Day 73

by Rev Joel Yong

1 Samuel 2:1-2
Hannah prayed out loud, “My heart finds joy in the LORD. My head is lifted to the LORD. My mouth mocks my enemies. I rejoice because you saved me. There is no one holy like the LORD. There is no one but you, O LORD. There is no Rock like our God.

What an amazing prayer.

She was taunted by her rival for being barren. No doubt it troubled her and vexed her soul.
God came to her rescue and gave her a son.
And this day she was giving him back unto God to serve God.

What did she do?
She prayed.

And she did so aloud- as if to hear the words and remind herself.
She declared that in God- not children- would she find joy.
She spoke aloud that her enemies’ words would not taunt her but she would mock them instead.

And she said that God had saved her – even though she was sending her son into a lifetime of service before God.
She did not base her sense of being blessed – on whether or not she had a child.

She may not have her son by her side now but still her faith would remain unwavering. She is certain that all is well so long as its in His hands.