Day 88

by Rev Joel Yong

2 Samuel 23:8-12
These are the names of David’s fighting men: Josheb Basshebeth from Tahkemon’s family was leader of the three. He used a spear to kill 800 men on one occasion. Next in rank to him was Eleazar, another one of the three fighting men. He was the son of Dodo and grandson of Aho. Eleazar was with David at Pas Dammim when the Philistines gathered there for battle. When the soldiers from Israel retreated, he attacked and killed Philistines until his hand got tired and stuck to his sword. So the LORD won an impressive victory that day. The army returned to Eleazar, but they only returned to strip the dead. Next in rank to him was Shammah, the son of Agee from Harar. The Philistines had gathered at Lehi, where there was a field of ripe lentils. When the troops fled from the Philistines, he stood in the middle of the field and defended it by killing Philistines. So the LORD won an impressive victory.

David had mighty soldiers on his side indeed.
Each capable of legendary feats.

But they weren’t always mighty.
Rewind … and take a look at what was said about their origins:
1 Samuel 22:2
Then everyone who was in trouble, in debt, or bitter about life joined him, and he became their commander. There were about four hundred men with him.

They started out as desperados.

What happened?
David’s influence rubbed off onto them.

Stuff rubs off.
Who you hang out with matters.

Start hanging around Davidic men and women and let their godly influence spill into your life …