Day 95

by Rev Joel Yong

1 Kings 16:1-2
The LORD spoke his word to Jehu, Hanani’s son, against Baasha. He said, “I raised you from the dust and made you leader of my people Israel. But you have lived like Jeroboam. You have led my people to sin, and their sins make me furious.

Notice what God says.

  1. He reminds Jehu that Jehu’s achievements are not his own. Jehu rose to power because of God. God tells him that Jehu was ‘dust’ before God let him rise up the ranks.
  2. God reprimands Jehu for doing a terrible job and leading the people to sin.

We become who we are because of God’s blessing and providence.
But it is not so that we can benefit ourselves.
God blesses us to be elevated so that we can fulfill our responsibilities- as His vessels- to help others grow in His ways!