Day 105

by Rev Joel Yong

2 Kings 10:17-28
When they arrived in Samaria, Jehu killed the rest of Ahab’s family, every member who was left in Samaria. He wiped them out, as the LORD had told Elijah. Then Jehu brought all the people together. He said, “Ahab served Baal a little, but Jehu will serve him a lot. Summon all the prophets, servants, and priests of Baal. Make sure no one is missing because I have a great sacrifice to offer Baal. Whoever is missing will not live.” (Jehu was deceiving them. He actually wanted to destroy those who worshiped Baal.) Jehu said, “Call a holy assembly to honor Baal.” So they did. Jehu sent messengers to all the Israelites. All the worshipers of Baal came, and there wasn’t one who didn’t come. They went into the temple of Baal and filled it from one end to the other. Then Jehu told the man in charge of the priests’ robes, “Bring out the robes for all the worshipers of Baal.” So he brought out robes for them. Jehu and Jehonadab, son of Rechab, went into the temple of Baal and said to the worshipers of Baal, “Make sure that there are no worshipers of the LORD here with you. Only the worshipers of Baal should be here.” So they went in to offer sacrifices and burnt offerings. But Jehu had stationed 80 of his men outside. He said to them, “If any of the people I’m putting in your hands escape, you will pay for their lives with yours.” When the burnt offerings had been made, Jehu said to the guards and attendants, “Kill them. Don’t let anyone get away.” So they used swords to kill the Baal worshipers and threw out the bodies until the guards and attendants came to the stronghold in the temple of Baal. Then they brought out the large sacred stone of the temple of Baal and burned it. They destroyed the sacred stone of Baal and the temple of Baal and made it into a latrine. It is still a latrine today. So Jehu got rid of Baal worship throughout Israel.

Jehu was shrewd. He eliminated all of Ahab’s descendants and then pretended to worship Baal to trick all the Baal followers to gather and then he killed them all.

Jehu was in many ways better than Ahab but unfortunately he didn’t turn completely from the flaws of his predecessors.

2 Kings 10:29-31
But Jehu did not turn away from the sins that Jeroboam (Nebat’s son) led Israel to commit–the worship of the golden calves that were at Bethel and Dan. The LORD said to Jehu, “You did what I consider right, and you did it well. You did everything I wanted done to Ahab’s family. That is why four generations of your descendants will sit on the throne of Israel.” But Jehu didn’t wholeheartedly obey the teachings of the LORD God of Israel. He didn’t turn away from the sins that Jeroboam led Israel to commit.

Jehu may have eliminated Baal worship but the worship of golden calves continued. God rewarded him for his good start as a leader but still Jehu fell into idolatry.

While we shake our heads at the sins of another, we should be wary that we ourselves not fall into the same trap. Sometimes pride blinds us and we end up doing exactly what we said our neighbor shouldn’t do.

Cling on to God and His teachings day and night and turn not from His ways. it only takes a tiny slip to start sliding down the slippery slope of sin.


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