Day 143

by Rev Joel Yong

Esther 1:10-12
On the seventh day, when the heart of the king was merry with wine, he commanded Mehuman, Biztha, Harbona, Bigtha and Abagtha, Zethar and Carkas, the seven eunuchs who served in the presence of King Ahasuerus, to bring Queen Vashti before the king with her royal crown, in order to show the peoples and the princes her beauty, for she was lovely to look at. But Queen Vashti refused to come at the king’s command delivered by the eunuchs. At this the king became enraged, and his anger burned within him.

He ruled 127 provinces.
But had problems ruling his household well and problems ruling himself.

Some scholars believe that the king, in his drunken state, had asked his queen to come before him and his guests, naked and dressed only with her crown – and that is why Vashti declined.

His lack of self-rule and loss of control of his household led to a split between him and his wife and he began a recruitment for a new queen the next day.

This incident gave us insight into the kind of man the king was. And why Esther was subsequently afraid to ask him for help to save her people initially.