Day 151

by Rev Joel Yong

Job 2:7-10
Satan left the LORD’s presence and struck Job with painful boils from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. Job took a piece of broken pottery to scratch himself as he sat in the ashes. His wife asked him, “Are you still holding on to your principles? Curse God and die!” He said to her, “You’re talking like a godless fool. We accept the good that God gives us. Shouldn’t we also accept the bad?” Through all this Job’s lips did not utter one sinful word.

Some people only praise God when things are good in life.
Their understanding and appreciation of God is circumstantial.

But the one who is able to praise God amidst a crisis- is the one who understands who God truly is, as his Creator and King.
And even though the situation shows no sign of abating, they are able to praise God because of who He is, not what they are presently facing.

Imagine a child saying “I can only call you Daddy if I get everything I want from you or if my life is on a roll. So no road bumps in my life journey please.”

Choose to know God for who He is, not just in safe circumstances.


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