by Rev Jason Phua

Bible Readings: Revelation 15:1-8; Psalms 143:1-12

READ (Verse chosen for reflection)
Revelation 15:4 “Who will not fear, O Lord, and glorify your name? For you alone are holy. All nations will come and worship you, for your righteous acts have been revealed.”

Many of us know what “fear” means. For some of us, it is the fear of losing our family. How can we live the same, if our loved ones were to leave us? For some, it is the fear of losing our wealth and possessions; the lost of hand phones has created a form of trepidation that had never been felt before. For some, it is the fear of losing what we have built as our “empires” and even status over many years. Yet, even as we know the idea of “fear” and being “God-fearing”, we might not be as fearful of God as we are of losing the things of this world.

As a young believer, I had a difficult time understanding what it means to fear God. Is God intentionally “scary” so that we can fear Him? Or is God to be feared because He alone is worthy of worship? How can “fear” be defined in the context of our Abba Father? As time goes, I came to understand that being God-fearing has a lot to do with obedience, grace and love. I learn to fear the Lord not only because He can send me to eternal condemnation; which I am all deserving. I learn to fear the Lord because in spite of His greatness; He has chosen to save and love one so sinful. My fear of God arises out of my desire to worship Him and in reverence of His Almighty power. My fear arises out of the deep conviction that He is my Creator and has by grace gave His life for me. This is a God who is totally worthy of my fear and worship.

Lord, teach us more on how to fear You and not let the world pull us from honouring You and worshipping You as the One and Only. Amen.

Day 155

by Rev Joel Yong

Job 10:1
“I hate my life. I will freely express my complaint. I will speak as bitterly as I feel.

People complain.
It happens.

But here is what it does – it increases frustration and vexes the soul.

Matthew Henry wrote:
“But when, like Job, we speak in the bitterness of our souls, we increase guilt and vexation. Let us harbor no hard thoughts of God; we shall hereafter see there was no cause for them”

Often when we are in the pits, we become upset and frustrated. It’s only natural.
However the more we speak of our frustration, the more the obstacle grows.

Speak often about how the opponents’ team which is filled with Hall of Famers- is able to jump higher, dunk harder, shoot more accurately and see if it actually helps your team’s players to grow.

Rather speak about what your team does well … such as how your players have gifts such as speed, the ability to predict each other’s positioning and faster reaction timing and see how they rise to the challenge of taking on the Hall of Famers.

Focus on the positive.
Focus on God and speak faith not negativity.