Day 164

by Rev Joel Yong

Psalm 135:5
I know that the LORD is great, that our Lord is greater than all the false gods.

This is my prayer this week – my God is above all ‘gods.’
No other ‘powers’ than seek to threaten me in this world – have any substance nor do they warrant me getting anxious or fearful about them.

My God is above all.

Too often in the pop culture of today- we are taught to fear the likes of bogeymen or demonic entities portrayed on the silver screens and supposedly ‘based on a true story’. Strangely though these same movies that encourage a fear of the demonic do not instill to an equivalent degree – a reverent fear of God.

Rather – religious symbols are wielded like a talisman in such movies and God is often reduced to an entity summoned, in that circumstance, to defeat evil rather than a Father with whom we build a relationship daily and throughout our life.

Instead – Scripture teaches us that God is great AND loving. His mercies endure forever.

He isn’t some vending machine we go to- to defeat obstacles in life, only to be neglected when the going is smooth in our life journeys.

He is our Lord – a Master to be served.
He is our Father – a Parent we can confide in and seek guidance from.
He is our Savior – once and for all, Jesus paid for our sins upon the Cross and because He did, we need not fear the powers of darkness anymore.

What an awesome reason to praise the Lord this day and every day!