Day 167

by Rev Joel Yong

Proverbs 10:1
The proverbs of Solomon. A wise son makes a glad father, but a foolish son is a sorrow to his mother.

Which father does not wish for his child to make wise decisions in life?
I know I do.

But our children are beings of free will and are free to make their own choices, however much we may nag or scold them.

One thing we can do as parents, is to maximize our influence on our children – wielding our influence in the greatest possible way so that when they grow into adulthood, we can say we have done our best to influence them in the right way, God’s way.

Wielding influence requires time and personal touch.
We cannot do this via remote control or long distance. Too often I have been guilty of responding rapidly to emergencies at work via my phone or the work email that comes through it and not being focused enough on my children’s needs at the present moment.

In our technologically advanced day – this is a constant distraction.
One question I try to ask myself this day is – “Is my phone wielding more influence on me than I am on my kids?”

Or for some of us a variation we can ask ourselves is “Is the TV or tablet wielding more influence on our kids than us as parents?”

Good question to think about for this week.