Day 175

by Rev Joel Yong

Ecclesiastes 1:1-2
The words of the spokesman, the son of David and the king in Jerusalem. “Absolutely pointless!” says the spokesman. “Absolutely pointless! Everything is pointless.”

He had everything.
The chronicles record that no one was as rich as he was, nor as wise as he was.

Yet despite having it all – he said it was all pointless.

There is no man who is so poor – as a man who lived a pointless life.

So wherein do we find meaning and purpose?
Ecclesiastes- the writings of Solomon – point us to God as the purpose and point of all living.

If He is not – then Christians are just like the other people who pursue all other things – no worse.

But if He is – then those who pursue God, do so wisely and do not live life in vain. And those who didn’t try to seek Him out – ended up missing out on the greatest opportunity in human history- a life lived with purpose.