Day 178

by Rev Joel Yong

Ecclesiastes 4:1-3
Next, I turned to look at all the acts of oppression that make people suffer under the sun. Look at the tears of those who suffer! No one can comfort them. Their oppressors have all the power. No one can comfort those who suffer. I congratulate the dead, who have already died, rather than the living, who still have to carry on. But the person who hasn’t been born yet is better off than both of them. He hasn’t seen the evil that is done under the sun.

Solomon writes of suffering at the hands of oppressors.
Instead of saying “You survived!” – he thinks it’s better to say “Glad he is dead and need not suffer like us!”

When hope seems gone and there is no hope of relief or salvation from the present trouble we are in- then it seems better not to exist – either not be born at all, or wish that one’s life were already over.

But in Jesus, we have an endless hope.
With Jesus, there is no such thing as a hopeless end.

He is the Almighty and being all-powerful He can work out the best for us, even from our present limitations and trouble we are in.
He is also all-loving and genuinely desires the best for us!
Jesus CAN and WILL help us in our present troubles!

There is hope when all seems bleak!
Life need not be a living Hell- Jesus came that we might have hope – hope that is eternal.