Day 180

by Rev Joel Yong

Ecclesiastes 6:6
Even though he should live a thousand years twice over, yet enjoy no good—do not all go to the one place?

A major theme in Solomon’s writing in Ecclesiastes is that of “it all ends up dead”.

People can accumulate resources and achievements and end up dead and unable to take it all with them.

They might think they are accumulating it for the next generation to inherit but it can all be taken away either by external conditions (such as war or economic collapse) or internal conditions (a fool inheriting a fortune, that is- and losing it very quickly).

There are no guarantees except death.
That is the surest thing that happens to us all.

So our life is futile if it’s about resource accumulation or achievements under our belt.
In the brief 7 to 9 decades that we live in our lifetime- what then is constitutes a meaningful pursuit?
Surely there must be something achievable in these few years that has lasting power and meaning- or else human life is a cruel joke.

Solomon says YES, there is.
The achievable pursuit, that has lasting power – is the pursuit of God.
7 or 9 decades are not too long- for one to learn to walk with God into the eternity beyond the milestone of physical death.