Day 182

by Rev Joel Yong

Ecclesiastes 8:14
There is something being done on earth that is pointless. Righteous people suffer for what the wicked do, and wicked people get what the righteous deserve. I say that even this is pointless.

Hands up if you have seen this happen before.
People either don’t get what they deserve, or get what they don’t deserve!

Weird ain’t it?
Something deep within us tells us that is not right.
People who labor for something should be rewarded.
Evil people should be punished.

What if … this is not the place for us to experience that?
What if the place where we experience justice and rightness is not this world?

And the reason why we notice the above injustices, is because this world is BROKEN.
Would that cause you to live for a greater cause than this life alone?
Would that make you seek meaning outside of this world and this lifespan?

Think about it for a while …