Day 196

by Rev Joel Yong

Isaiah 25:1-5
O LORD, you are my God. I will highly honor you; I will praise your name. You have done miraculous things. You have been completely reliable in carrying out your plans from long ago. You have turned cities into ruins, fortified cities into piles of rubble, and foreigners’ palaces into cities that will never be rebuilt. That is why strong people will honor you, and cities ruled by the world’s tyrants will fear you. You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the rain, and shade from the heat. (A tyrant’s breath is like a rainstorm against a wall, like heat in a dry land.) You calm the uproar of foreigners. The song of tyrants is silenced like heat that is reduced by the shadow of a cloud.

God is awesome in His power.
Fortified cities?
Reduced to rubble.

God is amazing in showing grace and mercy.
Poor and outcast?
He says “Come on in. You have a place at My table.”

No wonder Isaiah says “I will highly honor you. I will praise your name.”
Dictators in our world feed their people with propaganda and forces them to line streets and wave flags as their leader passes by in a limousine. They do this even if there is little evidence that the dictator’s rule has prospered the nation.
They shout his name, chanting it repeatedly.

But in contrast God is actually, not just a savior, but THE Savior of the universe.
He has repeatedly humbled armies and even empires. (Check out Ezekiel’s prophecies and compare them with historical records of what happened later.)
He has repeatedly shown grace and mercy to the outcast, the forgotten and even His enemies. The gospels alone are replete with accounts of Jesus’ treatment of such.

So yes He is worthy to be praised.
Not just on Sunday.
Not just on good days.



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