Day 205

by Rev Joel Yong

Jeremiah 22:14-17
He says, ‘I will build a large house for myself with big upper rooms.’ He cuts out windows in it, panels the rooms with cedar, and paints them red. Do you think you’re a better king than others because you use more cedar? Your father ate and drank and did what is fair and right. Everything went well for him. He defended the cause of the poor and needy. Everything went well for him. Isn’t this what it means to know me?” asks the LORD. “But your eyes and your mind are set on nothing but dishonest profits. You kill innocent people and violently oppress your people.”

Shallum- Josiah’s son – is the one criticized here. He keeps his eyes fixed on profits and on how to live a luxurious life.

His father on the contrary, set his eyes upon the Lord. As a result- it showed in the way they governed.

What do you fix your eyes upon?
What you focus on – will be what drives you …

For me, I try my utmost to fix my eyes on Jesus and focus upon growing the flock that is under my charge at any given point.
Growth that is evidenced by their increasing spiritual maturity and awareness of what their responsibilities are as the people of God, as they live life in pursuit of God alone.

It helps to have a focus.
Else one can be swept away by distractions such as the pursuit of popularity, politics, etc
That is what happened to Shallum.