Day 214

by Rev Joel Yong

Lamentations 5:1
“Remember, O LORD, what has happened to us. Take a look at our disgrace!

Jeremiah does not really believe that God forgets.
He has no amnesia or flawed memory.

The prophet is crying out to God to show mercy.
He knows fully well that Jerusalem was punished for its idolatry. That is why foreign nations managed to ransack the city.

He asks God to relent and show grace to the city again. That is what he means when he says “Remember us.”

There were better days in the past – when Jerusalem followed God’s ways. God blessed it and caused it to flourish and Jeremiah yearns for those days.

It’s important to note that he pleads with God, seeking grace and also hoping that his people will learn from their suffering under judgment and turn from their wicked ways.

God’s always slow to anger and quick to forgive.
If we turn to Him, grace comes quickly and restoration begins.

In what areas of our lives today- have we sinned? Unconfessed sin, unrepentant hearts- they cause distance to form between us and God and damages our relationship with Him.