God’s Peace


Day 226

by Rev Joel Yong

Daniel 4:1-3
From King Nebuchadnezzar. To the people of every province, nation, and language in the world. I wish you peace and prosperity. I am pleased to write to you about the miraculous signs and amazing things the Most High God did for me. His miraculous signs are impressive. He uses his power to do amazing things. His kingdom is an eternal kingdom. His power lasts from one generation to the next.

Never say never.
No one expected a Babylonian king to come to testify of God’s power.

But he did and he did it to the entire world.
His status and power was used for God’s glory in this instance.

Never say never – that a certain person would never come to church, that a nation is too difficult to reach for God, that a situation is too far gone for Him to turn things around …

Each Christmas we remember the story of the virgin who came to be with child, the God who walked in human flesh and who died in our place on the Cross.

Sound too impossible to be true?
Never say never.