Day 235

by Rev Joel Yong

Obadiah 8-14
“On that day I will destroy the wise people in Edom and take wisdom away from Esau’s mountain,” declares the LORD. “Teman, your warriors will be terrified. Everyone on Esau’s mountain will be slaughtered. “Because of the violence you did to Jacob, your relative, you will be covered with shame. You will be destroyed forever. While you stood there doing nothing, strangers carried off Jacob’s wealth. Foreigners entered his gates and threw dice for Jerusalem. You acted like one of them. Don’t gloat over your relative’s misfortune or be happy when the people of Judah are destroyed. Don’t brag so much when they’re in distress. Don’t march through the gates of my people when disaster strikes or gloat over their misery when disaster strikes. Don’t take their wealth when disaster strikes. Don’t stand at the crossroads to kill their refugees. Don’t hand over their survivors when they’re in distress.

Edom was a relative of Israel’s.
Jacob has 2 sons – Esau, also known as Edom and Jacob, also known as Israel.

Yet when Israel was attacked – the people of Edom stood by and did nothing.
Perhaps they thought “Whew- glad it’s not us, getting attacked.”
Or “They deserve it. Now their loss is gonna be our gain. Now we can rise to prominence.”

Whatever they thought – they did not help.
And God was watching their response.

When we hear of people in distress – may we be reminded that God is watching us. To see if we are a people who follow His ways – if we are merciful and kind to those who have been stricken and if we are gloating over our enemies, taking personal pride in another human being’s destruction.

For Jesus watched mankind in distress- bound in our sin and helpless, and He came into our world to save us. That’s His response when confronted with the distressing situation mankind was in.