Day 243

by Rev Joel Yong

Malachi 1:5
You will see these things with your own eyes and say, ‘Even outside the borders of Israel the LORD is great.’

You see, in biblical times- the belief of the nations surrounding Israel, was that gods were geographically defined. They believed that gods reigned over specific nations and that is why Naaman asked Elisha for bagfuls of soil. He mistakenly thought that the God of Israel could only be worshipped in a foreign land if he had soil from Israel with him.

That is not what the Bible teaches.
God is not just the God of Israel but of the whole earth!
He speaks not just one language but created all languages!
His power is not just limited to His temple but even beyond it.

In the year ahead, you might travel to new lands, to new workplaces, new schools or remain where you are but face daunting challenges- but remember this, His power is unlimited and His hand never too short to save. HE IS ALMIGHTY AND SOVEREIGN OVER ALL THE EARTH.

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