Day 258

by Rev Joel Yong

Luke 9:23
He said to all of them, “Those who want to come with me must say no to the things they want, pick up their crosses every day, and follow me.

It’s not easy to follow Jesus.
It means turning from our wants and desires and following what He would do and what He would desire.

What is of note- is that Jesus referred to the picking up of crosses- even before the apostles had an inkling that He was to die by crucifixion.

Those who follow Jesus would also have to submit themselves to paths they wouldn’t choose naturally – but do so, out of obedience to God.

Here Jesus says they ought to do this- daily.

When was the last time you turned from something you desired naturally- so as to choose, what Jesus would want you to do?

Good question to think about for the days ahead.


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