What Does It Take?

What does it take to be a good sportsman? Focus, excellence, discipline, determination & ambition. What does it take to be a good Christian? SAME! (Col.3:17)


Day 263

by Rev Joel Yong

John 6:1-2
Jesus later crossed to the other side of the Sea of Galilee (or the Sea of Tiberias). A large crowd followed him because they saw the miracles that he performed for the sick.

People followed Jesus for various reasons.
A large crowd did so because of the healings he did.

It’s nice that they appreciated what He could do.
But it would have been better if they appreciated Jesus for who He was … and not just what He could do.

The crowds turned against Jesus when they saw Him powerless, strung upon a cross, crucified.
He no longer seemed able and doubt crept into their hearts …

Their chief taunts were variants of this: “If You are the Christ, save Yourself from the cross …”
They wanted to see what else He could do.
And if He did not perform according to their expectation- then He was not the Christ they were looking for.

The people weren’t seeking God, they were seeking an idol- one to perform miracles to meet their needs.
They weren’t seeking God, to know His will and bend themselves to follow His will.
They were seeking to find a ‘god’ who would bend to their will. That’s idolatry. That is why their loyalty to Jesus was so fickle.

They did not see nor understand the significance of the cross.
That by choosing to remain on the Cross- Jesus saved us from our greatest bondage – our bondage to sin, and He liberated us from our greatest prison – not the prison of an ailing body alone, but from the prison of an eternity in Hell that awaits each human soul.