Day 271

by Rev Joel Yong

Acts 8:1-3
Saul approved of putting Stephen to death. On that day widespread persecution broke out against the church in Jerusalem. Most believers, except the apostles, were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria. Devout men buried Stephen as they mourned loudly for him. Saul tried to destroy the church. He dragged men and women out of one home after another and threw them into prison.

Saul of Tarsus wanted to destroy the church.
He knew the law and he thought they were a cult and wanted to destroy them.
He had zeal and he had the training in the Scriptures.

But he was wrong.
He did not realize that Jesus was not a cult leader but the Savior who fulfilled the prophecies in Scripture.
He was the One that students of Scripture were told of, who was coming to save the world.

It eventually took a Damascus road encounter for Saul to begin reflecting on what he had thought and done.

He eventually became the Paul who wrote many of the New Testament Epistles.

What are we convinced – is right, in our eyes today?
I wonder what Jesus would think – about these supposed “rock-solid truths” we think we know.