Day 284

by Rev Joel Yong

Romans 12:2
Don’t become like the people of this world. Instead, change the way you think. Then you will always be able to determine what God really wants–what is good, pleasing, and perfect.

The start for any change in life – begins in our thoughts. Unless our thoughts change, nothing substantial or lasting follows.

Thoughts are powerful things.
The boy who thinks he won’t do well in school, will not surprise himself with top scores at the next test.
The runner who thinks he will not be on the podium, will not beat the rest of the competition.

But it begins in one’s thoughts.
If we can think it, we start to prepare for it.
It’s the same for the man struggling with the use of swear words, he must think he can cease usage of such words.
It’s the same for the shopaholic.
It’s the same for the gambler.
It’s the same for the gossip.

Thoughts matter.
Then the next thing is to devise a consistent plan that you can adhere to, to make good this decision you have made.
And stick to it for 7 weeks.

That is how habits are formed.
Start today- no better time than the present to experience life change.
God will help you, He always delights in watching you get transformed into Christ- likeness.