The worth of women?

by Rev Lai Kai Ming

Readings: Lev 25:47-27:13; Ps 51

READ (verse/s chosen for meditation)
Leviticus 27:3-4
if your valuation is of a male from twenty years old up to sixty years old, then your valuation shall be fifty shekels of silver, according to the shekel of the sanctuary. If it is a female, then your valuation shall be thirty shekels;

Now why is a man worth more than a woman? Aren’t both made in the image of God? Why is there a need for such a distinction? Of course, one could say that it’s a special concession and benefit for females (and those paying the bill for them!). But the feminists would not agree. For them, such a valuation would be considered the root of discrimination, chauvinism and present day female abuse.

It is heart-breaking to hear of how African women are generally treated. The norm is for the men to betray, abuse, and abandon the women, then get away scot-free. Even the justice system can do no justice about this. But how can this be possible in year 2018?!! As a man, I’m not sure what I can say – except that I must not perpetuate the abuse of women, be it physically, emotionally or virtually. I am inspired by Jesus my Lord, who wasn’t just a man, but a gentle-man.

Lord, destroy all the unjust systems of this world! Help all of us men to remember that, no matter what we might think about women, we were born of one.

Day 307

by Rev Joel Yong

Ephesians 5:1
Imitate God, since you are the children he loves.

I remember when I first saw Andrei Kanchelskis play. He flew down the wing for Manchester United. Before there was Beckham on United’s right wing- there was Kanchelskis.

I was inspired. I tried to play like him the next time I played football with my friends. I even wore a long sleeved shirt (he wore a long sleeved United jersey) even though it was equatorial heat I was playing in.

I wanted to be like him.

But that was before I learnt to love Jesus.
That was before I heard of His amazing love for me.
So if I love Jesus- then I must desire to imitate him. And in a greater way than when I desired to imitate Andrei Kanchelskis!

The Scripture says we are children He loves. That is the driving reason for us to imitate Him. He is the Father who loves us and we are safe in Him and treasured in Him.

My kids imitate me in my mannerisms and the way I put my hands together when I am waiting for something.
It’s inevitable- they spend so much time with me.
And if we spend much time with God- as children following our Father- yes imitating Him will become a natural consequence.