Day 312

by Rev Joel Yong

Philippians 4:6
Never worry about anything. But in every situation let God know what you need in prayers and requests while giving thanks.

We have a tendency as humankind to worry.
We lose control over our concerns and ponder the “What if’s”. It adds stress in our life and we cannot fully guarantee if things are going to turn out as we hope.

No wonder Jesus taught about worry and said:

Matthew 6:27
“Can any of you add a single hour to your life by worrying?

Instead He tells us to trust in God. That God cares for us and will provide for us.

The apostle does the same. He urges the church to bring their concerns to God in prayer.

Do you pray more often than you worry?
Or do you worry more than you pray?
If it’s the latter- why is it so?

Imagine standing beside a tap and instead of turning it on, we fret and worry about whether the water will flow when you do, and if it would be as sweet as you hope it would taste or if it’s clean enough to drink.

And we do this even though, this tap isn’t any ordinary tap.
It’s checked and certified with a full certificate from the Kingdom of Heaven itself – “Pure 100 percent, Grade A Living Water.”

But rather than turn it on, we fret about all the “What if’s”.
Strange behavior perhaps – and a sign of a lack of faith.

Perhaps today is the day we can shift our paradigms and open up our hearts to God.
Say: “I trust You Jesus. With all my heart, I trust that when I pray, You care about what I am asking for and the situation I am in. You are the Source of Wisdom and no one knows better than You do. Help me submit to Your Wisdom and Your plans instead of wasting my life worrying.”