Day 324

by Rev Joel Yong

2 Thessalonians 3:3
But the Lord is faithful and will strengthen you and protect you against the evil one.

God will not abandon us.
People will. But God does not.

He is not a coward who runs at the sign of impending battle.
He does not shy away from the task because He deems the cost is too great and the effort needed, too massive.

How do I know this?
The Cross.

While we were still sinners, He took to the Cross.
While we could give Him nothing, He gave us His everything.
While men cried “Crucify him!”, Jesus cried “Forgive them!”

The Cross convinces and convicts me of His love for me.
I know since He went to the Cross for me, that there is no depth or distance or obstacle that is going to keep Him from coming for me.

I do not fear Satan. I fear only God.
He loves me and my household and He defends us with His mighty arm.
That, not my bank account or my accolades, is what makes me sleep well each night.