Day 345

by Rev Joel Yong

James 2:1-5
My brothers and sisters, practice your faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ by not favoring one person over another. For example, two men come to your worship service. One man is wearing gold rings and fine clothes; the other man, who is poor, is wearing shabby clothes. Suppose you give special attention to the man wearing fine clothes and say to him, “Please have a seat.” But you say to the poor man, “Stand over there,” or “Sit on the floor at my feet.” Aren’t you discriminating against people and using a corrupt standard to make judgments? Listen, my dear brothers and sisters! Didn’t God choose poor people in the world to become rich in faith and to receive the kingdom that he promised to those who love him?

Our world looks at a person and in considering the kind of treatment to give to them, ponders:

“What will it do for me?”
The Church should instead consider: “What did my Lord Jesus do for them?”

To which, the answer is simple.
He loved them enough to die for them.
And so since He valued them, so should we.

And thus rich or poor we should accord them treatment based on such a perspective.