Day 346

by Rev Joel Yong

1 Peter 1:2
God the Father knew you long ago and chose you to live holy lives with the Spirit’s help so that you are obedient to Jesus Christ and are sprinkled with his blood. May good will and peace fill your lives!

God knew you from long ago. Before you thought of Him, He thought of you.

He planned your life with the intention of meeting you someday.
And we all meet Him someday – we have to stand before Him eventually in judgment!

But God desires that that day will be a good day, so He sent Jesus to come to earth, and sacrifice His life and go to be amongst the dead and pay for all our sins – so that we need not meet such a fate.

When Jesus had done His work, He was resurrected from death into life and then rose up to be with God- this is an example and testimony to us, that all who follow God- too will someday be resurrected and taken up to be with God forever.