Genesis Day Four

by Rev Joel Yong

Genesis 6:22
Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he.

Reading the verses leading up to v22, I thought “Wow, that is a lot of detail and specifics.”

But yet it is written that Noah obeyed God- to the hilt.
All that was instructed, Noah followed.

Having worked for 17 years in my present job, and a combined total of around 23 years taking into account other jobs I have been at- I have worked alongside some sterling colleagues and staff. And at times, also seen some who try to take the fastest shortcut to accomplishing a project, instead of following instructions or set parameters, and often making a mess of it in the end.

In the same way, we may be found to be selective in our obedience of God, ourselves.
Some of us obey God, and serve in ministry but do not obey Him in our giving financially.
Some of us obey Him in all the above, but not in terms of sexual boundaries.

Often we choose to obey when it is convenient for us to do so.
And ignore God’s instructions, in ways whereby its costly for us to obey Him.

Do a spiritual health check today and be honest about where you are deliberately ignoring God’s instructions regarding your life.
Have a chat with a spiritually mature brother/sister in Christ on feasible steps you can take, to begin obeying God in these areas of life, and pray together with them.

Remember, Noah’s life is a sterling example.
You do not have to live life, like everyone else.
You just have to live, the way God intends for you … in so doing, you find life in abundance as Jesus promised.