Welcome to Church!

Does every visitor feel welcome in our church? Or do only certain types feel welcome while others are ignored? If we only love those who are easy to love and connect with, then our love is conditional and that’s not what the church should be. Look out for someone to connect with next Sunday.


Be Humble

I once read in a devotion, “Pride is the only disease in the world that the person who has it doesn’t know he has it but everyone around him does!” Scary isn’t it? Thus, regular self-examination and humble listening to what loved ones and close friends say to us about us is so important and necessary. Remember, God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble. So always be humble in the sight of the Lord and in due season, He will lift you up for the Lord fights for you and you only need to be still. As Paul McGee puts it, S.U.M.O. – Shut Up Move On! (Jas.4:6,10; Exo.14:14)

Give Grace

Let the grace of God lubricate our relationships. Who are we without His grace? Be quick to listen, slow to speak. No need to defend ourselves or fight for our rights all the time. Give grace, don’t just take it.

Awesome Moment In His Presence

During worship at 10.30 service yesterday the Lord gave a word to one of our members and he shared it with me before I preached. He said, “During worship, I sense the Lord is saying ‘There is no other gods beside Me. I am the Lord who makes the heaven and the earth. I am the God of Abraham. Isaac and Israel. The Lord reigns!'” And that was the message the Lord gave me to preach too – not phrased the exact same way, but it’s the same point! Church, the Lord really wants us in CMC (and I believe for every Christian in every church too) to come back to the place of reverence, putting Him first above all else and be completely delivered from everything and every sin that ensnares us so that we are free to live for Him and for His glory! And our worship yesterday blew us away too – there was such an amazing awesome presence of the Lord that brought many tears – tears poured out and rising to the Lord as sweet incense – a fragrant offering to the Lord! Lord, give us a passion for Your Name, let our worship be as incense that rises to You day and night – WE EXALT THEE!

Sign of the Times

“Lord, it’s all about You every Sunday for a couple of hours, the rest of the week inc. the rest of Sunday is about me. That’s why my prayers are all about what I want for my own delight. That’s why I can only serve You, attend prayer meetings & cell when I have time to spare after my leisure and entertainment time.”